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Sheet metal for automotive parts

As far as the whole automobile industry is concerned, the consumption of aluminum in body parts will continue to increase, which is mainly driven by electric vehicles. The former pays attention to lightweight strategy, either extends the mileage while retaining the same battery, or uses a smaller battery, while the application of sheet metal for automotive parts is just conducive to automobile lightweight design.

Sheet metal for automotive parts has the characteristics of small density, corrosion resistance and so on. Now it is widely used in automobile parts. Sheet metal for automotive parts greatly reduces the self weight of the car, reduces fuel consumption, and responds to the call of the national environmental protection department for energy conservation and emission reduction. Therefore, it also becomes the key to improve the competition of major automobile manufacturers. The common sheet metal for automotive parts are 3104 aluminum plate, 3105 aluminum plate, 3003 aluminum plate and other alloy brands. Aluminum has good oxidation resistance, forms a compact oxide film on the surface of aluminum, and well prevents the chemical reaction with external substances, and has good corrosion resistance. Therefore, it also ensures the service life of the car. It can be said that aluminum alloy is a star metal in the current metal industry, which has wide application and strong practicability. 3003 aluminum plate, 3104 aluminum plate and 3105 aluminum plate alloy are used for fuel tank and auto parts.