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pattern aluminum aluminum sheet plate strip

In the industry pattern aluminum aluminum strip, a larger volume of products, only our monthly sales pattern aluminum plates accounted for more than 30% of total sales, sales and a larger amount of products, especially with the iron plate of domestic enterprises will have to rust out, have changed the appearance of bright tread aluminum plate in particular, ships, machinery and other industries in the more obvious.
The main purpose is on the slippery tread aluminum, the pattern aluminum sheet surface after the pressing rolling embossing machine, forming on the surface of various patterns, convex pattern plays a good function of antiskid, so I decided to use the main pattern aluminum sheet in various slippery places.

pattern aluminum sheet

For example: ships, vehicles (subway, traffic and high speed rail carriages on bus and a foot pedal, in recent years the United States has application in the pickup case, various fender) pedal, lift, and other places have used workshop pattern aluminum sheet of the antiskid.
1: surface, we all know the characteristics of aluminum, bright appearance, timely is not in contact with the moist air after rust, but formed three two aluminum oxide, forming an oxide film, the policy to oxidation or corrosion, so the service life is far higher than that of iron, and simple maintenance.
2: density, the density is only 2.71, the same aluminum pattern plate weight is the iron pattern board 1/3, so the price is relatively low.