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high reflection mirror aluminum alloy for tank car

Why use Mirror aluminum plate for tank car?
I. safety of high reflection mirror aluminum alloy tank car
Aluminum alloy has the following safety performance because of its uniqueness
1. Due to the light weight on the top of the high reflection mirror aluminum alloy tank car, the center of gravity of the whole car is low, and it is not easy to overturn, and the tires are less worn, so the driving safety is good.

2. The aluminum alloy material has good conductivity, and the static electricity is not easy to accumulate; when the vehicle collides or overturns, it will not produce sparks, thus eliminating the hidden danger of fire
II. Corrosion resistance of high reflection mirror aluminum alloy tank car
Aluminum alloy has a good corrosion resistance, which can form a dense alumina coating on its surface, prevent the erosion of atmosphere and moisture, and its surface does not need paint
1. The oxide film will automatically regenerate on the thick surface without rusting
2. Because no paint is needed, the maintenance cost related to corrosion can be saved. The steel oil tank not only needs paint initially, but also needs regular maintenance during use
3. Do not contaminate oil products due to rust
4. Aluminum alloy is clean and beautiful because it will not corrode
III. purpose of reflection and heat dissipation
The mirror aluminum alloy strip produced by our grinding process has extremely fine surface, high reflectivity, and improved heat dissipation performance, especially the tank car driving in summer or in the desert area.
IV. main specifications
1. Alloy: 508351825454
2. Status: O, h111, h112, H32
3. Width: 1000-2500mm
4. Length: 2000-12600mm
5. measured value of high reflectivity mirror aluminum alloy tank car (5083, O, 4x100x200mm)
Angle reflective rate (GS)

Angle Reflective rate(GS)
20° 1646
60° 819
85° 139