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cast aluminum license plate

At present, my country's motor vehicle license plate is made of 1 series 1100 aluminum plate, and cast aluminum license plate is made by deep drawing.
  The manufacturing method of cast aluminum license plate includes printing a chip and adhering the chip between two transparent shell plates, and processing a mounting hole on the shell plate. The characteristic is that the printing of the chip includes the area mark on the chip and the single mark For the coding and chip printing, 4-5 numbers or letters are randomly selected and combined with the mark background color, mark shape, and edge color to form a regional mark and a single mark.

   At present, the English letters and numbers in motor vehicle license plates are not uniform in many places. In order to completely solve this problem, it is required that cast aluminum license plate manufacturers must use national uniform anti-counterfeiting fonts that meet the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security to prevent motor vehicle license plate manufacturers from rebranding at will and producing cast aluminum license plates with substandard quality. There is also the inconsistency of the materials used in the license plates. Motor vehicle license plate industry standards, "Reflective Film for Motor Vehicle License Plates", etc. have strict requirements on the materials used for license plate production. However, some license plate manufacturers are driven by economic interests and do not consider quality. The aluminum plates used for license plates vary in thickness and the quality of reflective film. Problems such as unevenness.

cast aluminum license plate
    The cast aluminum license plate produced by Henan Chalco is of good quality and excellent price, making it the best choice for making license plates. 1100 cast aluminum license plate belongs to the pure aluminum plate series. Its strength is relatively low, and it has excellent ductility, formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. After anodizing, it can further improve the corrosion resistance and obtain a beautiful surface; but not Heat treatment strengthening.