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auto sunroof guide rail

Auto sunroof brings people fresh air and healthy and comfortable enjoyment, which is very popular in the domestic Auto industry. It is mainly used for business SUV, cars and other models. Our company has a long-term cooperation with Auto sunroof manufacturers, mainly producing auto sunroof guide rail.

Auto sunroof guide rail is the main structural component of the Auto sunroof, and its product performance directly affects the service life and driving comfort of the sunroof. The profile of sunroof guide rail has the following characteristics:
1. The shape and structure of the product are complex, the symmetry is poor, the cantilever is large, the fit size is large, the wall thickness is generally less than 3mm, and the extrusion difficulty coefficient of the product is large.
2. There are many mechanical chutes for profiles, and the dimension requirements are strict. The dimension tolerance of some sections exceeds the ultra-high precision standard of national standard GB / t14846.
3. Auto sunroof guide rail is installed in the sunroof system to match the roof. It is a functional part. Most of the profiles need stamping, arc bending, aging, turn milling and other mechanical processing and heat treatment.
4. Auto sunroof guide rail has a certain anti-corrosion ability. It needs anodizing, electrophoretic painting and other surface treatment