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Aluminum foil strip for automotive power battery

Henan Chalco Aluminum has invested a lot of energy in automotive lightweight applications, for automotive doors, hoods, car roofs, underguards, hubs, fenders and heat exchange systems (heat sinks) as well as automotive power batteries, lifts, For parts such as gas storage tanks, we have developed aluminum foil and foil products for each component. What is aluminum foil for automotive power batteries?

aluminum foil for automotive power batteries

The popularity of new energy vehicles and electric vehicles has forced automotive power batteries to make changes in raw materials. Henan Chalco Aluminum has been successfully developed for power battery products, including power battery shell 3003 aluminum strip, battery core 1235 aluminum foil, 1060/1070/1100 aluminum foil.

For 3003 aluminum alloy, we can produce a thickness range of 0.20-4.5mm and a width range of 20-2600mm. 1070 aluminum foil, 1235 battery foil, the market demand materials are generally H18 state, the thickness is generally 0.012-0.02mm, the width range: 280-1200mm.