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aluminum extrusion for automotive crash applications

With the acceleration of automobile lightweight, the number of aluminum extrusion for automotive crash applications will also increase year by year, which has higher requirements for cross-section design and process optimization of aluminum extrusion for automotive. This article introduces the application of aluminum extrusion for automotive in automobiles. At the same time, through the feasibility analysis and research on the extrusion of specific products, the product section is optimized, and the extrusion process parameters are adjusted, thereby improving the extrudability of the product and effectively ensuring Product organization and performance

How to use aluminum extrusion for automotive to reduce the weight of the car body and improve the performance of automotive products has become the direction for car companies to explore. The high-strength aluminum alloy not only maintains the hardness of the body, but also improves the corrosion resistance. Compared with the traditional body, the all-aluminum is three times lighter than the all-steel. The all-aluminum body design not only makes the vehicle energy-saving, environmentally friendly (fuel-efficient) and durable, but also improves safety and performance. The all-aluminum body structure is lighter and stronger, which facilitates the modular design of vehicles. Let the body have more space to configure complex technologies, presenting the diversification of automotive products.
With the gradual implementation of national energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy and other related policies, domestic OEMs have increasingly urgent demand for fuel-saving performance of automobiles. Aluminum extrusion for automotive crash applications are used in many models. In the future strategic layout of domestic automobile manufacturers, such as Geely Automobile, automobile lightweight will be an area where automobile companies continue to explore and innovate. Many automobile companies have already carried out lightweight upgrades and explorations in the body, chassis, powertrain, transmission system and other aspects.