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Precision automobile aluminum drawing tube

The pipes used in automobiles include extrusion pipe, continuous extrusion pipe, aluminum copper composite pipe, extrusion drawing pipe, rolling drawing pipe, welding pipe, etc., which are mainly used for precision automobile aluminum drawing tube and connection with water tank: porous connection extrusion pipe (Harmonica pipe), used for condenser, evaporator, air cooler, etc.; welding pipe, used for connection with water tank, etc.; extrusion pipe, used for water Box connection; coated pipe with coating (nylon, etc.) on the surface to improve its corrosion resistance. It is used for connecting pipe at the bottom of vehicle, such as hycot pipe produced by Henan Chalco aluminum.

automobile aluminum drawing tube

At present, most of the aluminum tubes used in automobiles are provided by Henan Chalco aluminum, accounting for 55% of the global share. In 2009, the consumption of aluminum tubes in the global automobile industry was about 70KT, and China was the largest market, accounting for about 28% of the total global consumption. In the period up to 2015, the average growth rate of the amount of search fees under the aluminum tubes in the Chinese automobile industry was up to 15%.
Due to its light weight, high thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, easy bending and forming, and high recovery value, precision automobile drawing tube pipe is widely used in air conditioning pipeline, power control pipeline, fuel pipeline, diesel oil return pipeline and heat exchanger pipeline. Precision drawing pipe also has the characteristics of small size deviation range and high surface quality.
(1) Performance and size of aluminum tube for automobile
Automobile precision drawing aluminum tube mainly includes 1 series aluminum tube, 3003 aluminum alloy, 5049 aluminum alloy, 6 series aluminum alloy (606160636082, etc.), and the principle of selecting aluminum tube is as follows:
1. High formability, easy to expand and bend, and other forming operations;
2. It has high fatigue strength and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for the indoor environment of the engine;
3. Suitable for brazing and mechanical connection;
4. Long service life and good cost performance;
(2) New type of aluminum alloy pipe in development
With the development of automobile industry, automobile industry is not only the pillar industry of post industrialized countries, but also has become the pillar industry of developing countries, especially in China. Therefore, automobile production will continue to rise steadily, and automobile upgrading will be faster to adapt to the construction of low-carbon society and the increasing demand of people's living standards. For this reason, Henan Chalco aluminum has made gratifying achievements in the research and development of new precision automobile drawing tube alloy.