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Car door aluminum plate

The car door provides a passage for the driver and passengers to enter and exit the vehicle, and isolates interference from outside the vehicle, to a certain extent, to reduce side impact and protect the occupants.
Under the requirements of safety, environmental protection and energy saving, lightweight cars have become a trend in the market. After a long period of research and development experiments, Car door aluminum plate has become a relatively mature product in the market. Car door aluminum plate commonly used products in the market include 5182 aluminum plate, Mainly 6016 aluminum plate.

Henan Chalco Aluminum is a manufacturer of automotive aluminum alloys. The products of Car door aluminum plate supplied are 5182 aluminum plates and 6016 aluminum plates. They also accept orders of 8-5000 tons of aluminum plates and export them globally.
5182 aluminum plate chemical composition (mass fraction)/%:
Temper Si Cr Cu Mn Fe Zn
5182 ≤0.20 ≤0.10 0.20~0.50 ≤0.20 0.000~0.350 ≤0.25
1. The produced 5182 alloy aluminum plate and 6016 aluminum plate have no skinning, bubbles, surface roughness and local mechanical damage, and the Car door aluminum plate has no surface defects;
2. Good corrosion resistance, good cold workability, and medium strength;
3. It has 6 semi-continuous casting production lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling production lines, 44 other large-scale processing equipment, with an annual output of 450,000