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Automotive lightweight material 5182 aluminum alloy plate

With the advancement of society and the development of the automobile industry, the light weight of automobiles in recent years is a hot topic among major automobile manufacturers. Lightweight has increasingly occupied this important position. The lightweight of automobiles refers to the use of new materials to reduce the quality of automobiles. In order to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. As an important role in the lightweight production of automobiles, the 5182 aluminum alloy plates is also receiving more and more attention from aluminum manufacturers.

5182 aluminum alloy plate
5182 automotive aluminum alloy plates are mainly used in the following aspects: body plates, body frames, engine radiators, evaporators, wheels, trim and suspension system parts, engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, intake manifolds , rocker arm, engine mount bracket, air compressor link, actuator housing, clutch housing, wheel, brake parts. It can be seen from this that the proportion of automotive lightweight materials in aluminum alloys accounts for a large proportion of automotive materials. In the future, aluminum alloys will be well-established in the automobile manufacturing industry.
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