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Automotive forged aluminum wheels

Aluminum wheel hub has gradually replaced steel wheel hub because of its light weight, good heat dissipation and good appearance. In the past 10 years, the global aluminum alloy automobile wheels have increased at an annual growth rate of 7.6%. According to the analysis, the proportion of automobile forged aluminum wheels can reach 72% ~ 78%.

A365 is a cast aluminum alloy, which has good casting properties and high comprehensive mechanical properties. Forged aluminum wheels all over the world are produced by this kind of alloy. Henan Chalco cooperated with Japan light metal association to develop A6061 forged aluminum wheels, a widely used aluminum wheel hub, which has become a classic example of the application of aluminum alloy in automobiles. Almost all new models adopt forged aluminum wheels.

forged aluminum wheel

Forged automotive aluminum wheels benefits:
1,           High hardness and wear resistance
2,           Beautiful appearance, not easy to aging
3,           Life cycle plant
4,           Safe and reliable
Henan Chalco is one of the earliest aluminum factories in China that has carried out a lot of research work on automobile body panels and aluminum automobile wheels, and some enterprises have started mass supply and produced 6 ××× It is a high-performance forged aluminum wheels and has developed new products with intellectual property rights and excellent performance.