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Automobile hood aluminum plate

Most of the automobile hood outer aluminum plate are made of traditional steel plate, and its quality does not meet the needs of lightweight development. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain lightweight effect through the application of new aluminum alloy materials. The widely used lightweight aluminum alloys in the market are 6111 and 6016 wrought aluminum alloys.

Henan Chalco automobile hood aluminum plate manufacturer, the main products of automobile hood aluminum plate supply are 5182 aluminum plate and 5083 alloy aluminum plate, undertake 8-5000 tons of aluminum plate orders, and export all over the world.
The production process of hood outer plate mainly includes blanking, deep drawing, trimming, flanging and side flanging. Among them, deep drawing is the key process to ensure the forming quality of parts. Henan Chalco ‘s aluminum 5182 aluminum plate has good stamping performance and is easy to weld.

Advantages of automobile hood aluminum plate

1. The energy absorption of aluminum plate is twice that of steel plate, which is conducive to reducing the head injury of pedestrians caused by vehicles in the process of collision, and has a strong protective effect on pedestrians.
2. Aluminum alloy plate density is small, reduce vehicle weight, easy to later recycling, environmental protection and energy saving.

Alloy 5182 Aluminum plate
Temper O,H12,H14,
Thickness 0.15-600
Width 20-2650
Length 500-16000
Application The outer plate and deck of the side and bottom of the ship, refrigeration equipment, tank car, oxygen generator tower, etc