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Automobile anti-collision beam

Automobile anti-collision beam is an important device to absorb and mitigate external impact force and protect the safety function of vehicle body and passengers during impact. On the premise of ensuring vehicle collision safety and comfort, it can not only effectively reduce vehicle weight, but also control cost, which has become a hot topic. Through alloy composition optimization, heat treatment process and structure optimization, the body mass can be reduced and the requirements of safety performance can be met. Moreover, aluminum alloy anti-collision beam has better energy absorption performance than steel anti-collision beam. Extrusion is a typical method for manufacturing anti-collision beams. It can also be processed by bending and folding plates. Profiles are mostly extruded with 6063, 7021, 7029, 9129 and other alloys. Henan Chalco and others used the finite element analysis software LS-DYNA to analyze the impact performance of 6061 aluminum alloy anti-collision beam. The results show that under the same impact test conditions, the aluminum alloy beam has better energy absorption than the steel anti-collision beam, and can maintain higher energy absorption performance in a large speed range. Henan Chalco analyzed the impact of automobile anti-collision beam stamping process on performance by using finite element method, and optimized its stamping process parameters. After process optimization, the springback and minimum thickness of sheet metal forming are effectively controlled: the serious springback area at both ends of the anti-collision beam is significantly reduced, the sheet metal forming quality is improved, especially the drawing of side wall and bottom surface is more sufficient, The molding quality has been significantly improved.

At present, the domestic automobile anti-collision beam has just started. Generally, the beam is aluminum alloy, and most of the energy absorption box, base plate and other parts are steel. To improve the protection ability of the anti-collision beam, its energy absorption ability must be improved. The energy absorption ability of the material is directly proportional to the strength and thickness of the material. However, in the body structure design, it is impossible to improve the energy absorption of materials by infinitely increasing the steel thickness. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve light weight, easy disassembly and replacement and simple maintenance through reasonable material selection and optimization of structural design; The manufacturing process should be simple and low cost.