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Auto parts aluminum

Aluminum has been widely used in the world automobile industry due to its excellent performance, good production process and high material recyclability, and has become an important material for manufacturing automobiles. The application of aluminum auto parts in automobiles is an important way to achieve lightweight automobiles. , to promote the process of lightweight and help improve the performance of automobiles.
Auto parts Aluminum can be divided into two categories: cast aluminum and deformed aluminum (including forged aluminum). In order to obtain large production batches, high production efficiency, and low parts manufacturing costs, the automobile industry chooses the casting process to produce aluminum parts, accounting for about 3/4 of aluminum.

auto part aluminum
Aluminum castings are mainly used for components such as engine systems, transmission systems and chassis walking systems. Engine and gearbox are component systems with a large amount of aluminum castings. Among them, aluminum castings for engine systems account for about 65% of the aluminum castings of the whole vehicle. Castings and aluminum wheels are made of metal mold gravity casting and low pressure casting.
In recent years, my country's car aluminum castings have made great progress in the application of all auto parts aluminum.  The amount of aluminum used in engines, gearboxes, clutches, aluminum wheels and other systems has increased rapidly. Almost all of the air manifolds, gearbox housings and clutch housings are made of cast aluminum parts. Some car engine blocks use aluminum die-casting parts. Many cars are equipped with aluminum wheels. The aluminum used in domestic cars has reached a certain level. Deformed aluminum is mainly used in various heat exchanger systems of automobiles, body systems of cars, box-type cars, and parts systems of luxury buses. The main consumed deformed aluminum materials are plates, strips, foils, extruded round tubes and porous flat tubes, welded round tubes and flat tubes, extruded materials and forgings of various shapes.
At present, deformed aluminum materials in our country are mainly used in various heat exchanger systems of cars, boxes of box cars and luxury buses, and deformed aluminum materials for car body systems are still very few. 20% to 30% of the weight of the car body. Aluminum replaces traditional materials to make the car body, which can generally reduce the weight by 40% to 50%. The aluminum used for the car body is the most concerned issue in the automotive industry. focus.