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Aluminum for automotive Power Battery

Aluminum for New Energy Battery Cover
The new energy battery is an integral part of EV and HEV, which is replacing steel by aluminium for lightweight. Henan Chalco is the first company involved in the research and development of aluminum for this application in China
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Aluminium for Explosion-proof Valve
As the first successful manufacturer for explosion - proof film in China, Henan Chalco is supplying the materials to several end users who appreciate the pressure resistance of Henan Chalco’s materials which could match to the level of imported materials.
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Aluminum for Integrated Cover Plate
Compared with traditional cover plate, integrated cover plate is directly punched by aluminum plate without annealing or welding. The uniform thickness and stable properties reduce the risks of leakage and unstable blasting pressure due to welding the sheet and cover. The integrated cover plate will take place of traditional cover plate and lead the development of power battery cover.
Aluminum for Power Battery Shell
With good deep-drawing performance, stable dimension punched, good surface quality, and nice laser welding property, Henan Chalco’s materials ensures the security of the battery servo, and Henan Chalco becomes a leading supplier of power battery case.
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Power Battery Shell- Delivery Performance