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Aluminum alloy automotive stampings

The development concept of modern automobiles is lighter, faster, more environmentally friendly, more energy-saving and more comfortable. So what does this have to do with aluminium? As we all know, aluminium has low density (small in metal), light weight (significant effect on weight reduction of automobiles), excellent processability, recyclability and environmental protection. The above characteristics make aluminium widely used in automobile industry.

Aluminum alloy automotive stampings

Some time ago, all-aluminium automobile body attracted widespread attention, praise and criticism are different. Some people say that although the weight of the car has dropped, but the quality of the car shell has also dropped. Others say that although the hardness of the aluminium alloy car shell is not as good as that of the traditional stainless steel car shell, its strength is reversed by the aluminium alloy shell. What we need is not the hardness, but the strength. Today, we are not talking about the car shell, but the heart of the car - stamping parts, Aluminum automotive stampings can also be replaced by aluminum alloy?
The answer is yes, but aluminium alloy is used in Aluminum automotive stampings of the body. The quality of Aluminum automotive stampings accounted for 20%~30% of the whole vehicle quality, while the body accounted for 25%~35% of the Aluminum automotive stampings quality. If the body was replaced by lighter aluminum alloy, the weight of the whole vehicle would be significantly reduced. Aluminum automotive stampings can be made of 5454 aluminium alloy, which has high strength enough to meet the rigid conditions of the body; strong corrosion resistance, which can prolong the life of the body; good plasticity, which is undoubtedly the best gospel for a complex body.
The wide application of aluminium makes our daily life more convenient, and the lightweight use of Aluminum alloy automotive stampings brings benefits to the vast number of car friends.