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Aluminum plate for automobile fender

Due to the development of electric vehicles, air pollution, material recycling and many other problems, aluminum substitution is becoming one of the solutions for automobile lightweight. After the automobile lightweight, not only can directly reduce the fuel consumption. It can also indirectly improve power performance, improve driving performance and reduce braking distance. The reduction of fuel consumption reduces the emission of pollutants, which is more significant for environmental protection. Aluminum plate for automobile feeder can use 6061 aluminum alloy plate.
Lightweight automobile fender aluminum plate, 6061 alloy aluminum plate God assists
6061 aluminum plate for fender

Aluminum plate for automobile fender is made of 6061 aluminum plate. The leaf plate (fender) refers to a kind of covering part on motor vehicles and non motor vehicles (a little protruding, semicircular small piece above the wheel), and the cover, as the name implies, covers the outer shell of motor vehicles and non motor vehicles. In line with fluid mechanics, reduce the drag coefficient, make the car more stable.
Lightweight aluminum plate for automobile fender
It is required that the materials used for the leaf plate have the weather aging resistance and good formability. At present, many aluminum plate for automobile fenders are made of aluminum alloy, which makes them have a certain buffer property and are more secure. The characteristics of 6061 aluminum alloy plate fully meet the requirements of fender. The aluminum alloy plate has good corrosion resistance, excellent processing and welding properties, stable mechanical properties, better buffer performance of automobile wheel hub and safer driving.