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Aluminum plate for auto parts

As the foundation of automobile industry, good aluminum plate for automobile parts is a necessary factor to support the sustainable and healthy development of automobile industry. In particular, the current auto industry is vigorously carrying out independent development and innovation, but also need a strong component system for support. The independent brand and technological innovation of the whole vehicle need parts as the basis, and the independent innovation of parts has a strong driving force for the development of the whole vehicle industry. They interact with each other. Without the independent brand of the whole vehicle, it is difficult to burst out the R & D and innovation ability of the strong parts system. Without the support of the strong parts system, it will be difficult for the independent brand to continue.'

Aluminum plate for auto parts, commonly used aluminum alloy materials mainly include 2000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series alloy plate, profile, pipe and high-performance cast aluminum. Different types of aluminum alloy materials are used for different stress parts. 2000 series alloy is a kind of aluminum alloy which can be strengthened by heat treatment. It has excellent forging property, high strength, good weldability and good baking strengthening effect, but its corrosion resistance is worse than other series of aluminum alloys. At present, 2036 and 2022 alloys have been partly used in automotive body panels.