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Aluminum parts for automobiles

Aluminum parts for automobiles are mainly divided into cast aluminum alloy parts and deformed aluminum alloy parts
Cast aluminum alloy is mainly used to cast engine cylinder blocks, clutch housings, rear axle housings, steering gear housings, transmissions, valve trains, oil pumps, water pumps, rocker covers, wheels, engine frames, brake calipers, cylinders and Non-engine components such as brake discs.

Deformed aluminum alloys include plates, foils, extruded materials, forgings, etc. Extruded profiles are widely used as structural materials in Aluminum parts for automobiles due to their light weight, good rigidity, good processing performance, and welding performance. Among them, the extruded aluminum alloy profiles are used in automobiles such as electric automobile motor shells, automobile pedals, luggage racks, various automobile radiators, decorative parts, aluminum anti-collision beams and bumpers, vehicle frames, body panels, etc.
The automobile industry is developing rapidly in my country. In recent years, the scale of the automobile market has continued to expand, and the production of automobiles in my country has also continued to grow, resulting in an increase in the demand for Aluminum parts for automobiles.