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Aluminum automotive body sheet panels process equipment

The core technologies for aluminum automotive body sheet panels production are continuous annealing heat treatment and surface treatment, heating furnaces, hot rolling mills, coilers, cold rolling mills and air-cushion continuous heat treatment furnaces. Modern hot-rolling mills typically consist of a reversing bloomer and a high-speed finishing train followed by a single-stand reversible mill. The smelting, hot rolling and cold rolling processes are not significantly different from the conventional aluminum plate production process, so there are no special requirements for the corresponding equipment.

Aluminum automotive body sheet panels

The air-cushion furnace used in the continuous annealing heat treatment process mainly includes uncoilers, degreasing tanks, drying ovens, heating zones, cooling zones, coiling machines, etc. The static and dynamic airflow in the furnace supports the sheet metal strips like a mat and achieves Heating or cooling. The aluminum plate floats stably at a certain height in the furnace, and the speed of the air flow is used to ensure high-speed heat exchange with the aluminum plate. By controlling the operating speed of the aluminum plate in the furnace, the tension received and the oven temperature furnace pressure, the solution treatment process of the aluminum plate is realized.

In the heating zone of the air-cushion furnace of the aluminum automotive body sheet panels, the furnace temperature accuracy of the high-level solution treatment can be controlled at ±15°C, and the corresponding plate temperature is within ±2°C.