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Aluminium anodised for automotive interiors

With the development of the economy, automobiles have become an indispensable part of people's lives, and have become a means of transportation for many people. With the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness, in addition to the requirements for the performance of automobiles, the appearance requirements are also More and more refined, some of the high-end brand cars, innovated in the interior, using Aluminium anodized sheet as their interior decorative panels. So, what is the advantage of being an automotive interior? Signi Aluminum technicians answer your questions:

Aluminium anodized sheet

1. Green environmental protection materials can be recycled;
2, the aluminum sheet protective layer processing bending does not burst, and easy to stamp forming;
3, UV resistance does not fade, superior washing performance, not easily eroded by cleaning agents;
4, with light weight characteristics, the proportion is only one-third of stainless steel, can reduce the weight of accessories;
5, soft metal texture, can add a sense of fashion to the car interior while increasing the internal brightness, heat dissipation;
The above is about the advantages of Aluminium anodized sheet(3xxx and 5xxx) as automotive interiors. The aluminum plate was first used in architectural decoration, and it has gradually been used in various fields due to its unique advantages. The aluminum plate is man-made deep processing to achieve technical advantages and product performance advantages to conquer the automotive market, and is used in high-end brand automotive interior accessories.