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Alulminum composted material for brazing

Henan Chalco can provide alulminum composted material for brazing with high strength,good corrosion resistance and brazing performance,used for automobile water tank,radiator,heat exchanger,battery cooling plate and other parts,Product types can be divided into fin,tube and plate.
Products Alloy
Fin 4343/3003/4343
Aluminum Tube 4343/3003/7072
Aluminum Plate 4343/3003
Types Alloy Temper Thinckness Tensile strength Extension strength Elongation
Fin 4343/3003/4343 H16 0.05-0.10 170-190 >=135 >=1.0
Tube 4343/3003/7072 H14 0.25-0.34 145-185 >=125 >=2.0
Plate 4343/3003 O 1.2-1.8 110-130 45-65 >=25
The lightweight of automobiles has become a basic trend in the development of the automobile industry worldwide. As the annual output of automobiles has risen sharply, the demand for aluminum heat exchangers and alulminum composted material for brazing has also continued to increase. Aluminum replacement copper for automobile air-conditioning heat exchangers can not only reduce the weight of automobiles, but also reduce production costs. Therefore, it is of great significance to produce high-quality and low-cost alulminum composted material for brazing.