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6101 t6 t63 t64 aluminum plate sheet

Henan Chalco Aluminum is one of the few manufacturers in China that can produce 6101 aluminum alloy. It has stable performance and better quality. Our customers include Tesla and Volkswagen.
6101 aluminum alloy is similar to 6063 alloy, but has more stable chemical properties and higher electrical conductivity. The 6101 alloy is easy to extrude and has better machinability than the 1 series alloy, and it has good forming and welding properties, corrosion resistance, bendability, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. We have the most complete and precise 6101 production equipment in the industry, including extruder, quenching furnace, cold rolling mill, shearing machine, etc. We can customize the production of 6101 aluminum alloy according to customers' requirements, including 6101 aluminum plate, aluminum row, aluminum rod. , structural profiles, and seamless pipes.

6101 aluminum sheet
6101 aluminum alloy chemical composition table:

Si Si Fe Cu Zn Cr Mn
0.3-0.7% 0.35-0.8% 0.50% 0.10% 0.10% 0.03% 0.003%
6101 aluminum alloy Common applications:
6101 aluminum alloy is a kind of non-ferrous metal structural material widely used in industry. It has been widely used in aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and industry, including electrical bus wires and accessories, power transmission, power station, electrical components etc.
Common state of 6101 aluminum alloy:
Temper Description
F As fabricated. No special control has been performed to the heat treatment or strain hardening after the shaping process (e.g., casting, hot working, or cold working).
T6 Solution heat treated and artificially aged.
T61 An over-aged temper with higher conductivity but lower mechanical properties than -T6.
T63 An “in-between” temper with higher conductivity than T6, but less than T61.
T64 Partially annealed temper; the highest conductivity and best temper for maximum formability.
T65 Has medium strength and conductivity, as well as a controlled range of tensile and yield strengths to help control bending reproducibility.
Different product uses require different alloy states. Henan Chalco Aluminum can produce all alloys including 6101 t63 corresponding to 6101 aluminum sheets, aluminum coils, tubes, bars and other products.