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6063 aluminum square tube

6063 aluminum square tube and other aluminum square tube products. All 6063 aluminum square tubes produced by Chalco are in accordance with national standards, and are applicable to engineering, coal mine, textile, power, boiler, machinery, automobile and other fields. The company has always adhered to the market-oriented, customer-oriented, quality as the lifeblood of the enterprise, integrity as the foundation of enterprise management, and the principle of conscientiousness and preciseness for steady progress and continuous development, and has established a solid sales service system in the industry.

The 6063 aluminum square tube for automobile is composed of aluminum copper magnesium and other alloy elements. It is a typical duralumin alloy, which can be heat treated. It has high strength, easy processing, easy machining and general corrosion resistance. After heat treatment (T3, T4, t351), the mechanical properties of 6063 aluminum square tube for automobile are significantly improved. The T3 state parameters are as follows: tensile strength 470mpa, 0.2% yield strength 325mpa, elongation: 10%, fatigue strength 105Mpa, hardness 120hb.
6063 aluminum square tube for automobile is a kind of high-strength hard aluminum, which can be heat treated and strengthened. It has medium plasticity under quenching and rigid quenching, good spot welding, and tendency to form intergranular cracks when gas welding is used. After quenching and cold working hardening, the machinability of the alloy is good, and the machinability after annealing is low: the corrosion resistance is not high, and the anodizing treatment and painting method or surface are often used Aluminum coating is added to improve its corrosion resistance. The 6063 aluminum square tube for automobile is mainly used to make all kinds of automobile parts and components with high load, such as super cooler, muffler, etc