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6061 electrophoretic coating aluminum plate

6061 electrophoretic coating plate, the surface treatment of aluminum plate is electrophoretic coating, which uses the external electric field to transfer and deposit particles such as pigment and resin in the electrophoretic liquid, and deposit on the substrate surface of the electrode. The electrophoretic coating plate is water-soluble, nontoxic, and easy to automate control and so on.

electrophoretic coating aluminum plate

Electrophoretic coating the electrodes are 6061 aluminum plate and the corresponding into water soluble coating, when the power is connected, depending on the physical and chemical effects produced by the electric field, the resin, pigments and fillers in coating a coating method on the surface of the electrode uniform deposition to form insoluble film on 6061 aluminum.
Electrophoretic coating is a very complex electrochemical reaction process, which includes at least four processes: electrophoretic, electrodeposition, electroosmosis and electrolysis. Electrophoretic coating can be divided into anodic electrophoretic (workpiece anode, paint anionic) and cathodic electrophoretic (workpiece is cathode, coating is cationic), according to the power supply, it can be divided into DC electrophoresis and AC electrophoresis, according to the process, there are fixed voltage and fixed current method. At present, the anode electrophoretic method of DC power supply is widely used in the industry.

6061 electrophoretic coating aluminum plate

Electrophoretic coating is compared with other coating methods, with the following characteristics:
(1) using water-soluble coatings and water as the dissolution medium saves a lot of organic solvents, greatly reducing air pollution and environmental hazards, safety and hygiene, and avoiding hidden dangers of fire.
(2) the efficiency of coating is high, the loss of coating is small and the utilization rate of the coating can reach 90% ~ 95%.
(3) the coating thickness is uniform, the adhesion force is strong, and the coating quality is good. All parts of the workpiece, such as inner layer, sag and weld seam, can get uniform and smooth paint film, which solves the problem of other painting methods for coating complex shaped workpieces.
(4) high production efficiency, the construction can achieve automatic continuous production, greatly improve the efficiency of labor;
(5) the equipment is complex, the investment cost is high, the power consumption is large, the temperature required for drying and curing is higher, the management of coating and coating is complex, the construction conditions are strict, and the wastewater treatment is needed.
(6) only water soluble coatings can be used, and the color can not be changed during the coating process. The stability of the coating is not easy to be controlled for long storage.