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6061 aluminum plate as the advantage of aluminum plate for automobile

From the production process, from the 6061 alloy  aluminum plate semi continuous casting, homogenization, sawing, milling, aluminum, heating, hot rolling, cold rolling, cold rolling, annealing, annealing, solid solution treatment, aging treatment, to cut, straightening, inspection, oiling and packaging of this series of process, constitute a complete procedure 6061 alloy production.
6061 aluminum plate for automobile, the production technology of aluminum plate has been very mature. At present, there are ten domestic enterprises engaged in the production of 6061 alloys, and Henan Signi aluminum industry is one of the representative leading enterprises.

6061 aluminum plate for automobile

6061 aluminum plate is an important product of the 6 department. Therefore, Signi aluminum has set up precise production control and strict quality inspection to ensure that the product's technology is mature and its performance is superior. For example, in quality testing, three key indicators of 6061 aluminum plates are accurately tested. One is small tissue and uniform performance.
Especially for super thick plate, the thickness direction performance is uniform, and there is no greater performance fluctuation. For medium plate and thin plate, there is no big performance fluctuation in length and width, and the two is high dimensional accuracy. It mainly includes thickness accuracy and width accuracy, especially the thickness accuracy which is most difficult and strict. It will directly affect the performance and subsequent processing. Three, the shape is good. The shape of the plate consists of flatness and plate convexity. Because the two have a great impact on the subsequent processing, and irreversible.

6061alloy aluminum plate

6061 alloy  aluminum plate for automobile are commonly used in the state of T6 and T651. In general, the internal stress of T6 will be larger and the processing will be deformed. Therefore, the most suitable state for processing is T651. T651 state is stretched on the basis of T6 to eliminate internal stress. It is a high quality aluminum alloy product after heat treatment and pre stretching process.
6061-T651 aluminum plate and 2 line, 7 strength alloy products compared, however, due to the presence of the magnesium silicon, therefore, 6061 aluminum has excellent weldability, corrosion resistance and cold workability, anodizing can also be painted, is a kind of alloy widely used, are often used in building decoration field and automobile.

6061 aluminum plate

Aluminum plate in the production process, because of heat and extrusion, resulting in uneven density between crystals, energy can not be fully released, accumulated in the aluminum plate, this energy is called internal stress. Some users' production processes (such as heating, bending, deep drawing, stretching, etc.) will release the internal stress of aluminum plates, causing the bending, waviness and surface inequalities of aluminum plates, so we need to release the internal stress of aluminum plates first.