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6061 aluminium alloy for wheel hub

Wheels are made up of wheels and tyres installed outside the wheels. The tyres directly contact the ground to carry all the weight of the vehicle, and ultimately transmit the engine power to the road. The role of hub is to support the body, is an important part of the body weight transfer to the road surface, it also bears the lateral load, driving force and braking torque when turning. The hub is not only the shape skeleton of the tire, but also the rotating part connecting the tire with the axle. Henan Chalco uses 6061 aluminium alloy to make wheels,And the 6061 aluminium alloy for wheel hub made by Henan Chalco have the following advantages.

1. Aluminum alloy automobile hub reduces body weight and saves energy consumption.
2. Good roundness: accuracy up to two thousandths of an inch, wheels running, good balance, can eliminate the general body bump and steering wheel jitter phenomenon.
3. Good heat dissipation: at 20 degrees Celsius, the heat conductivity of the metal is 0.53 for aluminium alloy, 0.18 for steel and 0.16 for chromium. The heat conductivity of aluminium alloy is 3 times that of steel, and the heat dissipation effect is the best. When a car is running at high speed, a lot of heat will be generated due to the friction between tire and ground. Aluminum alloy hub can keep the tire at a proper temperature, prolong the service life of tire and reduce the risk of tire burst.
4. Strong and durable: Aluminum alloy hub has better impact resistance, tension resistance and thermal strength.
5. Beautiful appearance: Due to the limitation of production mode, steel hub is monotonous and rigid, lacking of beautification. Aluminum alloy hub has a variety of styles, plus luster, color effect, enhance the aesthetic feeling of automobiles.
6. Easy to operate: Because of its good roundness, it can control the steering wheel at will, and turn quickly and flexibly.
One of the concrete manifestations of aluminium used for lightweight automobiles with aluminium alloy wheels is 5052 aluminium plate, 5454 aluminium plate, 5083 aluminium plate, 6061 aluminium alloy for wheel hub and so on. With the formal production of 3300 mm "1+1" hot rolling production line, more precise production control and stricter quality inspection are set up to mature production workers. Art, superior performance, greatly improved product quality. It is believed that Henan Chalco will create more brilliance in high-end fields such as wheel aluminium in the future.