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Aluminum plate automobile ---6061 aluminum plate

6061 aluminum plate is applied to automobiles, which not only has obvious energy-saving effect, but also meets the development trend of safety, environmental protection and automobile materials, and has significant economic and social benefits. Since the weight of the car body is very important in the whole vehicle, the development of high-performance and distinctive aluminum plate automobile is an important part of the lightweight process of automobiles in China.

Aluminum plate automobile
The aluminum alloy plates used for different parts of aluminum plate automobile are also different. Among them, 6061 aluminum alloy plates are aluminum plates for lightweight body production, aluminum plate automobile fenders, aluminum plate automobile hoods, and automobile doors. 6061 aluminum plate can be used
The 6061 aluminum plate is a representative aluminum plate product among the 6-series alloys, and is an aluminum plate which has good properties after hot rolling. After hot rolling, aluminum plates with different thicknesses can be formed. The 6061 aluminum plate is one of the advantages of Chalco Aluminum. The products have excellent processing properties, good corrosion resistance, no deformation after processing, easy coating and good oxidation effect. Such excellent features, widely used in automotive lightweight, mobile phone casing, aerospace and other fields, excellent reputation;