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6061 auto parts aluminum plate

There are many auto parts, and the aluminum alloy plates used for different parts of the body plate are also different. Among them, 6061 aluminum alloy is the aluminum plate used for lightweight products of the body, and 6061 aluminum plate can be used for automobile fender, exterior plate of automobile engine hood, car door, etc.
The main alloy elements of  6061 auto parts aluminum plate are magnesium and silicon, with medium strength, weldability, good oxidation effect and excellent corrosion resistance.
How much is the price of 6063-T6 aluminum plate used in auto parts? It mainly depends on the factors related to its market, usually including the following points:
1. Manufacturer: different manufacturers have different production mode, management mode and sales mode, and the quotation of products will be different naturally;
2. Quality: the price of 6063-T6 aluminum plate used in auto parts is completely linked to the quality. The better the product quality is, the higher the price is. At the same time, its performance is stable and its use value is higher;
3. Model and specification: 6063-T6 aluminum plate used in auto parts has different thickness specifications, and its parameters and technology are different, so the price will vary;
4. Aluminum ingot price: the closing average price of Yangtze River spot aluminum ingot on the day of delivery + processing fee.

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