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5754 aluminum plate for auto parts

The typical use of 5754 aluminum plate not only includes various pressure vessels, transport tanks and ship structures, but also involves the field of automobile manufacturing. Based on the superior performance of 5754 aluminum plate, it is favored by automobile manufacturers, and widely used in the manufacture of car doors, trunk lids, engine lids and other auto parts. Don't look down on these parts. They play an important role in the realization of lightweight development, reduction of fuel consumption and protection of passenger safety.

What are the advantages of 5754 aluminum plate for auto parts?
1. Light weight, 5754 aluminum magnesium alloy plate has small density and medium high strength.
2. Good formability, strong plasticity, easy to process.
3. High welding effect and low crack tendency.
4. Good fatigue and corrosion resistance, durable.
How much is the price of 5754 aluminum plate for auto parts? The price of aluminum plate is mainly determined by the price of aluminum ingot and processing cost, and also related to the specific specification and status of aluminum plate. We need to know that 5754 aluminum plate has many different states and specifications, and each customer needs different aluminum plate requirements, so the quotation is also different, welcome to call us.