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5454 automobile engine aluminum plate

With the "energy saving and environmental protection" becoming more and more widely concerned topic, the 5454 automobile engine aluminum plate is also widely used in the field of ordinary automobile lightweight, which can improve the controllability and have excellent fuel saving performance at the same time. The fuel consumption of a car mainly depends on the displacement of the engine and the total mass of the car. Aluminum alloy is a trend of lightweight.

5454 automobile engine aluminum plate
Aluminum has the advantages of small density, light weight, good formability, recyclability, energy saving and environmental protection. The use of 5454 automobile engine aluminum plate can prolong the life of automobile engine, improve the driving performance and safety and comfort performance of automobile, reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions and reduce environmental pollution. In addition, aluminum alloy parts can balance the quality of front and rear axles. Gradually become loyal to people. Therefore, aluminum alloy is considered to be an important material for automobile lightweight.
National standard 5454 aluminum plate for automobile engine
The engine is regarded as the "heart" of the car, and its mass generally accounts for 20-30% of the whole car. The engine body is the largest single part in the engine, and its mass accounts for 25-35% of the real engine mass. Therefore, it is of great significance to reduce the engine block for vehicle lightweight. In order to reduce the body quality, aluminum alloy materials are widely used.
Henan Chalco is a 5454 automobile engine aluminum plate manufacturer. Henan Chalco's 5454 automobile engine aluminum plate has high strength, high corrosion resistance, good plasticity, and good molding and processing performance. The strength of 5454 aluminum plate is about 20% higher than that of 5052 aluminum plate. 5454 aluminum plate is also widely used in pressure vessels, marine facilities pipelines, automobile wheels, tank car barrels and other places.