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5182 automobile engine cover aluminum plate

Engine hood is an important part of automobile. In the automobile, the engine hood plays an important role in protecting the engine and its surrounding accessories, assisting the driving vision, reducing the impact of air flow, and preventing accidents. At the same time, the design of the engine hood is also an intuitive embodiment of the value of the vehicle. At present, there are aluminum alloy and steel plate in the market of automobile engine hood, and 5182 automobile engine cover aluminum plate is mostly used in aluminum alloy。 Which of these two materials is better?

5182 automobile engine cover aluminum plate

5182 automobile engine cover aluminum plate
The material of automobile engine hood requires high energy absorption capacity and weak strength, so as to ensure the safety of pedestrians in emergencies. The energy absorption of aluminum plate is twice that of steel plate, which is beneficial to reduce the injury of car to pedestrian's head in the process of collision, and plays a better role in pedestrian protection.
At present, more and more automobile manufacturers use 5182 automobile engine cover aluminum plate to make automobile engine cover. The main reasons are as follows. Let's take a look.
1. 5182 aluminum plate has good stamping effect and processing performance. 5182 alloy sheet can be used for the car door, engine cover, front and rear fender. According to the market feedback, 5182 alloy aluminum plate has good processing performance and stamping effect, and there is no crack after stamping.
2. 5182 aluminum plate is light in weight and can reduce the weight of the car. The density of aluminum is about 1 / 3 of that of steel plate. It is also used to make automobile engine hood. It can not only ensure the safety performance of automobile, but also reduce the self weight and fuel consumption of automobile, reduce the environmental pollution, and follow the development trend of automobile lightweight.
3. Aluminum alloy has high recovery, energy saving and environmental protection.
Henan Chalco aluminum supplies high quality 5182 aluminum plate
5 series aluminum plate is an advantage product of Henan Chalco aluminum industry. The 5182 aluminum plate supplied by the company is 0.15-600mm thick, 20-2650mm wide, and 500-16000mm long. The plate surface is flat and smooth. The aluminum alloy engine cover manufactured by the company has high gloss, beautiful appearance, easy welding, good stamping performance, and prevents the phenomenon of cracking in the later stamping forming.