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5182 aluminum plate for tank car

5182 aluminum plate for tank car is an Al Mg Si alloy with stable performance, corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability, medium strength, wide application range and guaranteed quality. This product can be used in tank car, pop can, automobile body panel, automobile fuel tank, control panel and shell, etc. What are the production advantages of 5182 tank car aluminum plate and how much is the market price?

1. The aluminum plate of tank car is light in weight. The aluminum plate of the tank car is only 2.71g/cm3, and the aluminum alloy of the same volume is only 1 / 3 of the weight of steel. The application of aluminum alloy in tank car greatly reduces its weight.
2. Aluminum plate of tank car has strong corrosion resistance. Aluminum alloy has better corrosion resistance than steel. The tank made of aluminum alloy can transport all kinds of liquid or liquefied gas without coating any protective layer inside. Because the aluminum alloy tank has good corrosion resistance, so as to ensure that the oil is cleaner.
3. The recycling value of aluminum plate is high. Aluminum plate has strong anti-corrosion performance. After the tank is forced to be scrapped, the aluminum alloy tank body has no great damage and can be recycled.
At present, there is no specific quotation in terms of the market. At present, there are many manufacturers of 5182 alloy aluminum plate for tank cars, with various sales forms. Moreover, the specific price should be combined with the actual specifications of users, and the quotation will be different with different thickness and visibility.
Henan Chalco Aluminum Co., Ltd. is an aluminum plate manufacturer integrating production and sales. It can accurately customize 5182 aluminum plate for tank car according to the needs of users. The thickness range is 0.15-600mm, the width is 20-2650mm, and the length is 500-1600mm. It can be made into plate or roll, and can be subdivided into several different states.