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5052 aluminum alloy plate used for truck

Aluminum plates are widely used. In the industrially advanced countries, the full-aluminization of trucks has now been basically completed. The level of all-aluminization has even exceeded 85%, and the lowest is now over 70%. The consumption of aluminum alloys for trucks represented by 5052 aluminum alloy plate is gradually improving, and 7075 aluminum plates have emerged with a huge space for development. So why use aluminum for trucks?

Take a dump truck as an example. Aluminum dump trucks are the main trucks used for transporting granular and powdery materials. Their bodies are made of aluminum sheet products such as 5083, 5052 and 7075. At the welding site, the 5052 aluminum alloy plate is used. The body is welded with an aluminum plate of about 5mm. The inner top is lined with a steel plate. Aluminum dump trucks are 50% lighter than the original all-steel trucks, but functions such as function and load-bearing can meet the requirements.

Dump trucks are also the primary direction of today's fully-aluminum trucks. The aluminum dump truck has greatly reduced its own weight, energy saving, emission reduction, and utility, and has made significant progress, meeting the basic requirements of the shopping mall for dump trucks. During this period, 5 Series aluminum alloy products represented by 5083/5052 aluminum alloy plate played an important role.