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2036 aluminum alloy in automobile

2036 aluminum alloy is a typical aluminum alloy sheet, widely used in body and cover sheet metal parts. What are the advantages of 2036 aluminum alloy?

1. 2036 aluminum alloy has good formability
When the body and cover sheet metal parts are formed from the aerospace manufacturing industry, the aluminum alloy sheet should have good formability by stamping, that is, it has a low yield strength ratio and a high forming limit. Formed under stamping deformation pressure.
2. 2036 aluminum alloy has good solderability
Good solderability can meet the requirements of automotive components after joint forming and welding. The sheet should have anti-aging stability to ensure that no aging occurs from the time the sheet is shipped to the stamping production, the yield point of the material is prevented from rising during the stamping process, and the surface deformation caused by the Rüder belt is uneven and wrinkled, thereby affecting the car. The surface quality of the outer panel.
3. 2036 aluminum alloy has excellent bake hardenability
The lightweight of the car also requires the sheet to have high bake hardenability, that is, the yield strength of the material is obviously increased after the stamping deformation and the paint baking, thereby ensuring the high anti-concavity of the sheet metal after the stamping paint, aluminum The paint baking process of alloy sheets and the current description of the paint baking process of steel stamping parts.