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1060 Aluminum plate for battery explosion proof valve

1060 Aluminum plate for battery explosion proof valve has its own advantages. Using aluminum explosion-proof valve, aluminum alloy is easy to process and shape, reducing material waste, and has strong economic practicability; The explosion-proof valve of aluminum alloy battery can automatically cut off the power after the battery is fully charged, so as to prevent the battery from continuously charging and causing the battery explosion, which is more safe and reliable.

Henan Chalco aluminum has been engaged in technology research and development, and the production department is in line with the aluminum plate of lithium battery explosion-proof valve, the material is 1060-o aluminum plate, the specification is 0.3 * 20 / 25 / 32 * C, 0.5 * 15.5 / 17 * C and a small amount of 0.4 thickness aluminum strip, and the thickness tolerance of the production is ± 005, according to customer requirements, the strength is generally 22-25mpa
Alloy 1060 aluminum plate
Temper O,H12,H14,H16
H26,H28,H112 ETc
Thickness(mm) 0.016-500
Width(mm) 100-2650
Length(mm) 500-16000
Application Bus, power battery flexible connection, aluminum plastic plate, lamp material, etc
Executive standard of 1060 Aluminum plate for battery explosion proof valve
Executable standards: national standard, American Standard, European standard, Russian standard, Japanese standard, etc